ANZHNCS Travelling Lectureship Scheme

Travelling Lectureship Scheme – Amount on offer: $5,000


This grant is designed to allow a Medical Officer from a developing nation. The applicant is required to attend the Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM), give a paper at the meeting, and organise a visitation to a Head and Neck Cancer Centre. 

The ANZHNCS Travelling Lectureship Scheme will provide the recipient with funding to assist with the payment of the ASM registration fee, airfares and accommodation, and any other incidentals. To assist in planning, the Society can pay upfront for the ASM registration fee and accommodation costs, and organise transfer flights to visit other Head and Neck Cancer centres during the visit if required. All costs would be deducted from the grant funds and the recipient would receive the balance remaining after the ASM. An alternative is for the applicant to pay for all costs upfront, and provide all receipts to the Society for reconciliation purposes. Once all outlays have been finalised, we will transfer the funds after the ASM.

Following the visit the applicant will be required to submit a report to the grants subcommittee. 

If the applicant requires assistance in selecting centres to visit, please contact our Secretariat on 

Applications should be sent to:

The Chair of Grants Sub-Committee
The Australian and New Zealand Head & Neck Cancer Society
PO Box 576 Crows Nest NSW 1585
Or email: 

Closing Date: Applications close three (3) months prior to the first day of the Annual Scientific Meeting, with all recipients notified two (2) weeks thereafter. 

Date of 2017 Annual Scientific Meeting:  12 - 14 October 2017